Announcing a Zero bullshit, Actionable AF guide to growing SaaS businesses with your customers. 


This is the How to Grow 

Book For SaaS Founders That

Doesn’t expect you to do all-the-things, but tells you how to do the most important 
things that deliver the greatest ROI 

DOES show you how to grow your audience and scale that growth 
with a few carefully selected tools and a customer-centric philosophy

Doesn’t expect you to track all-the-things, but tells you what is most worth tracking, how to do it efficiently, and what to do with the data  

Why You Want This Book On Your Nightstand

Sure, there’s a lot of advice out there on how to grow. So many courses, books and blogs. What makes ours worth your time?

We’ve taken the time to research, test, and put these strategies into action to see how they do - both for ourselves and our clients.

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Well, Time.

That means you don’t have to waste our time trying things out. Everything in here actually works.

We’re focusing on how to acquire your best-fit customers, generate retention, revenue, and RAMPANT brand advocacy - which all lead to organic growth.


This is going to be EPIC.

Acquisition & Growth are what we do - but who are we?

Trevor Hatfield

Owner of Inturact, a SaaS Marketing Agency, SaaS Growth Consultant & Startup Founder & Investor


Community Growth at Zest.is, Moderator at Product Hunt & GrowthHackers.com, SaaS Consultant

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Together, we’ve worked with 
hundreds of companies at all stages of growth - from newbies to Fortune 100s and helped them do things like:

Attract their ideal customers and set them up for success from the beginning (Churn goes buh-bye)

Build an army of vocal supporters for truly organic, word-of-mouth growth.

Raise the bar on acquisition and revenue goals - and exceed them.

All while doing less - because you don’t have to do everything if you’re doing the highest impact things right .

This book is written for founders who want to set up their Startups the right way, from the beginning, so it will grow sustainably for a long, long time...

Or, you know, until it gets bought out by Amazon.

Either way, get on the list to hear when this awesome, acquisition-focused book hits the